What Makes Me Sad

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 21

What Makes You Sad:

A lot of things make me sad… people hurting people, people hurting animals, natural disasters, the hate in the world, the way people are taking this world for granted. There is so much sadness in the world. I simply cannot watch the news or listen to the radio or even read news articles on the internet. I always end up crying, sometimes for hours, sometimes it will even haunt me for days, weeks or even years to come.


Sad, traumatic movies based or real life stories, they deeply sadden me. Reminiscing about things that made me happy in the past that I miss with all my heart but know I may never relive… Longing for more, longing for a certain freedom in my life. Running through memories in my mind of dear people in my life who are no longer with us.

It makes me really sad to know people in my life are going through tough times and that there is nothing I do can help them. When I know their hardship and cannot make it better, cannot lift the burden, heal the pain… So many things sadden me. As soon as a single thought of sadness creeps into my mind, it can easily cause an avalanche of sad thoughts. Flooding my mind with the deepest, darkest, buried memories and then it takes a while for me to get back into the sunshine.

Being alone, feeling forgotten, feeling not good enough, insignificant. This list can go on forever and is usually where my thought avalanche evens out. This past year I have learnt that so many women around the world have these exact same thoughts of themselves. Learning this makes me sad all over again, but it also made me feel not so alone. Knowing that there are others going through the same perils as we are helps us connect/relate to others. Therefore, we are in fact not alone in this world, there is someone out there who understands what we’re going through.


I started my self love, self development journey more than two years ago now and I have joined many Facebook groups, mostly for positive mindset, self development, some for business, skills etc. All these groups are filled with amazing women with amazing stories and everyone is there to encourage because they themselves have been where you are/were. Women empowering women!

Groups like:

Speaking of the, I just completed the Golden Goddess Awakening challenge. Here we as women can open up and let go of burdens that are keeping us from becoming amazing. Lisa Marie and Sarah Marie are hosting an 8 week Golden Pineapple Project again. I’m so ready to take part and become the confident, bright shining me, whom I know I can be. If you’d like to join me and so many other wonderful ladies, you can go here to grab your spot, we start 9 October 2017.

There are loads more, blogging groups, journaling groups, crochet, knitting, you name it… there is a group for it. Find yourself a group where you feel at home and loved. It make the worlds difference.

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Until we meet again.

Ps. What makes you sad? Share your woes with us in the comments, sometimes it helps to just let it out! Oh, remember to go here to join the original challenge.



What Makes Me Happy

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20

What Makes You Happy:

Happiness is a very “deep” topic to delve into. What makes me happy? True meaningful happiness seems to allude me most of the time. Fleeting moments of “happy” are the happiness I grasp at.

I find joy in life’s simple pleasures, the beauty of nature, a new day, an insect I’ve not yet seen, bird encounters, a mesmerizing sunset, the sound of raindrops on a tin roof, the smell of petricor, the choir of stream frogs when they know the rain is coming…


Small gestures, a love note, a chocolate left for me in a place where it would surprise me. A kiss good night, a kiss in the morning. Playing my favourite song twice in a row, just because. A cup of coffee when I need it most… hugs, lots of hugs. (Mr. Fox, I’m talking about you here)

Giving handmade gifts to people I care about. Hoping they can feel the love I poured into every stitch and all the time spent working on a project, thinking about how they will use it, wear it, enjoy it. Their reactions to my handmade gifts of love… that makes me very happy.

Being loved and respected by family and friends makes me oh so happy, having someone who cares about me… Chloe, our Boston Terrier, she makes me very happy! She cuddles me when I’m sad and gives me kisses anytime all the time.


In the end, if we sit and think about it, we can come up with sooooo much more that makes us happy. Even though on days it feels like we have got nothing to be happy about. Maybe it is a good idea to start keeping a Happiness journal, a place to keep all our Happy Thoughts that we may revisit them on those dark and lonely days. What do you think?

Until we meet again.

Ps. What makes you happy? Share your thoughts on this with us in the comments below and remember to check out the original challenge here.


My Favourite Movie

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 19

Your Favourite Movie:

Oh my goodness! This challenge expects a lot of a person! How on earth can I simply pick a favourite movie?! There are so many wonderful movies I’m in love with.

I have favourites in many different genres and flavours. One thing I can say is that I have a weakness for all things fantasy. I love movies with incredible detail, movies that inspire creativity. Movies of mystery and intrigue, that capture the imagination and keeps you on your toes.

Another one of my weaknesses… still frame movies. These are incredible! Where everything is handmade and moved mostly by hand. A photo is taken with every minute move to make up the frames of the movie. The frames are then edited together to form a continuous film.


For the purpose of this challenge prompt, I will share one of my dearest and beloved movies with you. A Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie caught my eye way before the Tim Burton hype. I loved this movie so much that I wanted to know all there is to know about it. When I learned that Tim Burton was the director, I search for more of his movies to watch. It was then that I realized I’d favoured most of his movies and didn’t even know it.

I still love watching this movie even though I’ve seen it a million times! I just sit and stare in aw at the amount of work went into making this movie. The details from an artistic perspective are incredible. If you have not yet seen this movie, you just gotta do it, man!


May you be as inspired as I was the first time I saw this. It’s a world of wonderfully weird creatures and characters and you might just fall in love with all of them, just like I did.

Until we meet again.

Ps. What is your favourite movie and why do you love it so much? Share with us in the comments below and don’t forget to click here to join the original challenge.


A Photograph of Myself

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 18

A Photograph of Yourself:

From the age of about 10, I couldn’t stand to see photos of myself. I remember thinking, I don’t look like the person I feel I am. I just didn’t like to see myself, not even in the mirror.

Around 15 years of age, I became really self-conscious. It was during this time, I had a number of bullies in my life as well. Interestingly enough, I found myself starting to like some of me. There were one or two photos of me that came out of family holiday reels that I found myself liking.

It wasn’t till I met Mr. Fox back in 2001 that my world was turned around. We took photos of each other, collecting memories of our time together via photograph. Mr. Fox became a photographer and I modeled for him for his assignments and portfolio, he made me look and feel beautiful, special.

The Frogging Fox, David Badenhorst Photography, Chloe Boston Terrier
Captured by David Badenhorst
follow him on Instagram @dog_in_a_box his work is amazing!

After many years, I’m mostly the one still taking a lot of photos but on a rare occasion, Mr. Fox would snap a beautiful moment. I wonder if he knows how much it means to me when he takes my picture.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to show you love and appreciation and to constantly tell you how beautiful you are.

Until we meet again.

Ps. Do you have a photograph of yourself that is special to you? Share with us in the comments below and remember to go here to join the original challenge.


My Favourite Blogs

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 17

Your Favourite Blogs:

Mmmm, my favourite blogs, that’s a tough one. At the moment the only blogs I frequent are Blogging blogs, blogs that teach other bloggers how to work the back end of their sites. You know, all those complicated but necessary plugins and codes and things nobody ever told you existed until you actually became a blogger yourself.

So on my painstaking journey to set up my own website, I came across many an obstacle. These obstacles can easily be conquered by googling or you’ll accidentally find the perfect blog post in your Pinterest feed whilst feeding your pinning addiction (guilty as charged).

Right, so I came across this very helpful blog, by Regina, on Pinterest. The pin led me to the blog post, 33 Things you can do when you’re ready to get serious about blogging. In this post Regina made a really good point, point 8 to be exact. She gives a breakdown of three categories of blogs to follow, here’s mine…

Sites to follow for blogging tips:
Sites to follow in my Niche:
Sites to follow for Inspiration:

Of course these are not all my favourite blogs, just my favourite ones I’ve frequented more than the others. Enjoy having a click through, these are some great blogs and sites, well worth a follow.

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Until we meet again.

Ps. Share some of your favourite blogs with us and go here if you want to join the original challenge.


Thoughts On Education

education, school, teachers, students, learning30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 16

Today I decided to take my office out of the apartment for a change. There is a new coffee shop that opened about two blocks from where we live and I’ve been dying to try them out, so I walked over and I’m now writing this post about my thoughts on education over a great cappuccino in the little cafe called Cup of Vintage. Classic rock tunes are softly playing in the background. It’s a quiet afternoon and I’m thinking this is definitely the way to write blog posts from now on.

Thoughts on Education:

Education is a great topic for parents especially. Thinking back to my education, it could have been quite different. From the age of 7, the time of our lives when our brains are like sponges, we are fed ideas and skills by strangers. Strangers who don’t necessarily care about the best interest of the children they are teaching. The government decides on a predetermined curriculum, programming us to think in a way that would benefit them. Prejudice and preconceived ideas are unknowingly implanted into generations.

All of this can lead to the cause of great conflict, hate and disaster in years to come. Schools are where we are formed even though our parents play a big part in our upbringing. The directions we choose to pursue are influenced by what and who we are exposed to during our forming years. Guidance isn’t always provided correctly and many of us are dissuaded and redirected into career paths that we didn’t want to pursue.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some great schools and teachers out there. Looking back, we had a hand full of very passionate teachers though my education could have been so much better. If only teachers recognized certain skills and the hearts desire in children from an early age. Children could be empowered to become the best in any chosen career. If you wanted to become a bird calling expert, you will be guided to being the best without teachers, parents or family members snickering and telling you “that’s no career”. What I have learned through the years is that no matter what you want to do, you can make a career out of anything. Opportunities will come to you, if you are an expert in your field.

A friend of mine decided to start homeschooling her two children about 4 years ago and they have never been more engaged in their school work and enthusiastic about learning as they are now. No longer are they being forced to parrot all the facts from a single handbook chosen for them. Learning has now become an activity they enjoy. Although a curriculum is in place, the children are given a choice as to what avenue they wish to focus on. This plays to the curiosity of a learning child. Once they get curious, they want to learn all there is to know about the topic that interests them.

I think this is an amazing way of learning. I’ve forgotten almost everything I learned at school but the things I did self study on, the topics I was and still am interested in learning about I will never forget because those topics excite me and I want to absorb as much as I can. I cannot get enough of learning all there is to know about it. Of course, it helps that the children of today have a whole wealth of knowledge at their fingertips with the internet being readily available to most of us these days.

Sure, when you’re done with school you can choose what you want to do with your life. Your direction will have been determined in your years of school education but many of us end up in jobs or careers that are soul sucking and that’s no way to live.

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Education is however an ongoing, continuous cycle. If you think about it, we never stop learning even though we don’t study. There is so much we can learn from life, our situations, our friends, family and the strangers we meet along the way. We need but reflect, think about our day and pinpoint the things we have learned during that day. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find you have actually learned about life or even yourself.

In conclusion, it all depends on each individual’s educational needs. This post is merely my experience and opinion on the workings of education. All I can say for sure is that you are never too old to learn new things or even change your career path.

That saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ” is a load of BS! We have taught many a family dog new tricks in their old age. Take a look at some famous icons around the globe, for example. They too have learned new skills and changed careers in the later stages of their lives. J.K. Rowling’s career took off at age 32, Christoph Waltz was 51 when he landed his first movie roll back in 2009, Vincent van Gogh was 27 when he changed his path from missionary to artist… to name a few. Therefore it is totally possible, just remember to never pass up the opportunity to learn!

Until we meet again.

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Where Will I Be In Five Years

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 15

Where Will You Be In Five Years:

What a question! Nobody knows for sure where they’ll be in five years, even if planned meticulously. Things change, people change and life sometimes hands us lemons. It’s a good thing that I have pinned soooo many pins on uses for lemons then, hey? Ha! Okay. Seriously now, we all need a plan for our future, a solid plan but a flexible one. If you know where you want to go, you’ll find a way to get there.

“She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.”

A Few Things That Helped Guide Me:

  1. A dream journal. Get those big dreams out of your head and onto paper. This helps to organize thoughts and to formulate ideas. From thought to reality.
  2. A dream board. Get those dreams and ideas visualized. Our brains need to see the destination in order to work out a route for us to get there. This is why creating a dream board with images, put up somewhere you can see it, plays a vital part in the realization of said dreams.
  3. List your goals. Turn those dreams into plans. We all have to start somewhere, anywhere. When we have the bigger picture in front of us, it is easier to break our dreams up into goals. When we have goals with reachable deadlines and we take action, we get closer and closer to our dreams.

Nobody said that this would be easy, in fact, to get to your dream you’ll probably work harder than you ever have before. The best part is, your hard work will pay off and you’ll be living the life of your dreams.

Live Your Dream, Forever Living Products, F.I.T. Program, Forever Lite Ultra Shake, Somerset West

There are so many things I want to do and achieve in the next five years:

Personally… In five years time, Mr. Fox and I live happily ever after in our own dream home and each drive the updated versions of our dream cars. We are well established in our dream careers, earn enough to live comfortably and more importantly, support the charities we feel passionate about. We are in great physical shape and help others with our knowledge of healthy nutrition through the use of great natural Aloe based products from our Forever Living Products business, Live Your Dream. Traveling has become a pass time for us! We have so much time to do fun stuff together, spoiling each other and Chloe, often.

The Frogging Fox, Crochet, Design, Patterns, Somerset West, Blogger, South Africa

The Frogging Fox has a huge tribe of lovely creative friends and has published a book or two or three with the many amazing patterns I’ve created. I have the resources to give back to the community and make a difference where we live.

My crochet classes are fully booked with a waiting list. A dedicated virtual team makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the online side of my business. I’m receiving many invitations to teach crochet, host workshops and spread the crochet & knitting love at well known shows and exhibitions. I my studio, I can create, host crochet & knit parties and teach workshops. Providing jobs in the yarn industry ensures that I have my own range of local sheep’s wool and mohair yarns. My yarn, hand spun and hand dyed with all natural dyes, is the talk of South Africa and the rest of the world.

Therefore, you better hold on to your hats because something amazing is busy happening!

Until we meet again.

Ps. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Share with us in the comments below and remember to go here to join the original challenge.

3 Healthy Habits

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 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 14

3 Healthy Habits:

Gratitude – I have made it a habit to write down three things that I am grateful for each morning. I have two books, one I simply write my gratitudes in and the other I bought from Typo with thoughts and reflections as prompts for each day over three years. I have found that writing my gratitudes down has made me realize, even on the worst of days there is always something to be grateful for.  It puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. It also teaches me a positive mindset as I sometimes write things down which I am grateful for and that are yet to come. I write my gratitudes down in prayer, thanking God for all he has given me and all he will bless me with in the future. This habit has become my meditation time, a moment I sit with my cup of coffee, reflect and be thankful.

Exercise – Now, I’ve never been one to go to the gym and I’ve never been a very sporty kind of person. I do however love to walk. I can walk for hours on end. I love nature and I love walking mountain and coastal paths. I used to walk everywhere. I’d walk to the shops, to school… I’d walk wherever I could and I loved it. When I was in high school, my mom and I would walk every morning before school to get into shape but I mostly did it for the fresh, crispy air and some quality time spent with my mom. I walked with my grandfather before he passed away. He would wake me at four in the morning and we would go for long walks when they lived in Pretoria and again when they moved to Kleinmond. It was so refreshing and seeing the sun rise as we returned home with birds chirping, I’ll never forget it. I still walk a lot. I take Chloe for her walkies twice a day and because we live on the third floor, I get a good workout with 51 steps down and up again.

Healthy eating – We generally stick to the “everything in moderation” rule, you know, “too much of a good thing…”? Due to many dietary issues that crept up on Mr. Fox and I in the past 5 or 6 years, we’ve had to cut many things out of our diet, see this post to read the whole story. We started drinking Forever Aloe Vera Gel  and Forever Lite Ultra plant based protein shakes added to all kinds of healthy smoothy recipes. We have adopted many vegetarian and vegan eating habits. Being South African, we still eat meat as it is very much part of our culture but in our house, instead of “Meat Free Mondays” we have “Meat Nights”. We have cut down on our meat consumption significantly, buying only ostrich, venison, bacon, chicken and fish of which we have either one for a meal, once a week. We eat ourselves healthy these days, making use of anti-inflammatory spices added to recipes such as overnight oats or drinking Golden Milk (using soy, of course). Forever Aloe Vera Gel for boosting the immune provides our bodies with all the much needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids. I think the main thing is to listen to your body and if you feel like crap every time you eat a slice of bread, then you gotta just not do it. Also, listen to your cravings. Sometimes a salt craving can mean that you’re in need of minerals in your diet. To see 10 of our favorite recipes, go here.

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Until we meet again.

Ps. What are 3 of your healthy habits you’d like to share with us in the comments? Also, go here to join the original challenge.


What’s Inside The Fridge?

fresh eggs, fresh produce
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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 13

What’s Inside Your Fridge:

Mr. Fox and I don’t care much for frozen foods, so we decided to opt for buying fresh groceries once a week according to the recipes I laid out for that particular week.  When I don’t have time to plan ahead, I always have a few recipes that I fall back on. This means that I can buy a bunch of “regulars” and at any time I’ll still be able to make those recipes. This also helps that we don’t waste anything because we only buy what we need. No food has time to expire or rot.

We always have a big tub of garlic, spring onions and leaks for a good base to any recipe. I make sure to always have spinach, carrots and baby marrows.  We only buy mushrooms when the recipes call for it and we know that we are going to use all of them. There is always a punnet of eggs, cows milk and soya milk. This might seem silly but I learned a few years ago that I am lactose intolerant and Mr. Fox struggles with dairy as well, therefore we try to cut on as many dairy products as we can. We do however struggle to cut out cheese and I have not been able to get myself to drink soy milk in my coffee. Besides the exceptions mentioned above, I cook mainly dairy-free dishes. There is always a bottle of red wine ready to drink because a glass a day is good for the heart, I’ve heard it said. Not to forget our Forever Aloe Drinking Gel. I usually buy four bottles which lasts us a month. We take a shot in the morning before breakfast and a shot at night before bed. This has been significantly beneficial to our health! Our hair and nails grow at a super fast pace and neither of us have been ill since we started drinking Forever Aloe Drinking Gel! It’s been two years now and we feel awesome! Oh, Mr. Fox also keeps the chocolates in the fridge, he likes crunching on his chocies.

Although we buy very simplistic, I always try to make interesting meals and like experimenting and finding great new recipes on Pinterest. I love making a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes though we aren’t either. We still eat meat but only about once or twice a week. For us it’s all about what our bodies are telling us, what they need or what they simply cannot tolerate.

See my favourite recipes in this post here or check out my Pinterest boards here and here.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. I will never post any link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or am not absolutely in love with! (Learn more here)

Till we meet again.

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My Favourite Childhood Book

books, reading, childhood, memories, nostalgia30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 12

Your Favourite Children’s Book:

Growing up, my mom used to read many books to us. I had many favourites but I’ve held onto a few very precious ones throughout the years.

vintage childrens books

Man, these take me way back! I can even now, just by looking at this photo of my books, remember how the stories within these pages took me away on wondrous adventures. Two of these are written in my mother tongue, Afrikaans. Mietjie Soek Haar Ma, roughly translates to “Mietjie is searching for her mother”. My mom read this book to me when I was around 3 or 4 years old. I can still remember how she made the character voices and acted out the story. It was awesome!

Ek lees lekker, book, Afrikaans

My all time favourite book was the Afrikaans version of “The Little Red Hen” – a story about how hard the hen worked to be able to bake a delicious loaf of bread at the end of the day, how she asked the other animals on the farm for help… but they all refused yet they wanted to eat along when the bread was done. It happens three days in a row and the rest is a bit fuzzy in my mind. This book of mine was unfortunately damaged and I think my mom eventually gave it to my niece.

I have always had a love and fascination for books. I love the way they smell and how you can easily slip into an alternate universe without even leaving your bed.

Until we meet again.

Ps. Did you have a favourite book when you were little? Share your reading adventures with us in the comments below. Click here if you’d like to join the original challenge.