Hi. I’m ChanĂ©, aka “the Fox”
Just in case you were wondering, I didn’t give myself this nickname đŸ™‚ My husband, David, started calling me his “Fox” back when we started dating many years ago. Funnily enough, my mother’s maiden name is Foxcroft and she, along with her three sisters were known as the “Foxies” while growing up.

Chane Badenhorst, fox hat/scarf
Chané, the Fox
With that out of the way, welcome to my blog:
My “happy place” on the interwebs, my virtual corner of Heaven, a place where great coffee and fair trade chocolate are what fuels me on my journey to create amazingly beautiful works of yarn, where life and creativity are intertwined and creatives use their creating powers to do only good.
I believe that we should take responsibility for how we live on this planet. It is precious and we should treat it with love and respect. Our family recycles and where possible, we purchase local, fair trade, natural, non GMO and organic. We live as “no-waste” as we can and try our best to minimize our carbon footprint. I believe in mostly handmade gifting unless it’s coffee, chocolate, yarn or health and beauty products.
It took me quite a while to realize that what I really wanted to blog about was fiber arts. You see, I have a Diploma in Textile Design and Technology and 19 years of crocheting experience. Although crocheting is my favorite yarn constructing method, I have also been learning to knit. I know most methods of yarn embellishment making and dabble in weaving, spinning and dyeing. I’m also known to play with sewing methods when the fancy strikes me.
The Frogging Fox was a name I decided on a few years ago for my Ravelry and Spoonflower accounts but as usual, life took it’s course and those things took on a last priority. Friends and family tell me on a regular basis that I should pursue my talents but up until now, I didn’t quite know how to make a living from my textile expertise. Then, after quite some research and self exploration, it just came to me. It had been under my nose all along, “…why not work toward making the Frogging Fox my career…?” So, I started this blog to share my talents and expertise with the world. Technology has now made this possible for me.
I will be posting a new blog post every Tuesday, so be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get it delivered straight to your inbox, “hot off the presses”!
I can’t wait to share my pretties with you, and am looking forward to meet you in this virtual space, hopefully IRL someday as well! If you would like to, you may read more about my shenanigans in this post, here and here
Until we meet again…