What Makes Me Sad

Sadness, Loneliness
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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 21

What Makes You Sad:

A lot of things make me sad… people hurting people, people hurting animals, natural disasters, the hate in the world, the way people are taking this world for granted. There is so much sadness in the world. I simply cannot watch the news or listen to the radio or even read news articles on the internet. I always end up crying, sometimes for hours, sometimes it will even haunt me for days, weeks or even years to come.


Sad, traumatic movies based or real life stories, they deeply sadden me. Reminiscing about things that made me happy in the past that I miss with all my heart but know I may never relive… Longing for more, longing for a certain freedom in my life. Running through memories in my mind of dear people in my life who are no longer with us.

It makes me really sad to know people in my life are going through tough times and that there is nothing I do can help them. When I know their hardship and cannot make it better, cannot lift the burden, heal the pain… So many things sadden me. As soon as a single thought of sadness creeps into my mind, it can easily cause an avalanche of sad thoughts. Flooding my mind with the deepest, darkest, buried memories and then it takes a while for me to get back into the sunshine.

Being alone, feeling forgotten, feeling not good enough, insignificant. This list can go on forever and is usually where my thought avalanche evens out. This past year I have learnt that so many women around the world have these exact same thoughts of themselves. Learning this makes me sad all over again, but it also made me feel not so alone. Knowing that there are others going through the same perils as we are helps us connect/relate to others. Therefore, we are in fact not alone in this world, there is someone out there who understands what we’re going through.


I started my self love, self development journey more than two years ago now and I have joined many Facebook groups, mostly for positive mindset, self development, some for business, skills etc. All these groups are filled with amazing women with amazing stories and everyone is there to encourage because they themselves have been where you are/were. Women empowering women!

Groups like:

Speaking of the, I just completed the Golden Goddess Awakening challenge. Here we as women can open up and let go of burdens that are keeping us from becoming amazing. Lisa Marie and Sarah Marie are hosting an 8 week Golden Pineapple Project again. I’m so ready to take part and become the confident, bright shining me, whom I know I can be. If you’d like to join me and so many other wonderful ladies, you can go here to grab your spot, we start 9 October 2017.

There are loads more, blogging groups, journaling groups, crochet, knitting, you name it… there is a group for it. Find yourself a group where you feel at home and loved. It make the worlds difference.

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Until we meet again.

Ps. What makes you sad? Share your woes with us in the comments, sometimes it helps to just let it out! Oh, remember to go here to join the original challenge.