What Makes Me Happy

Family time, The Frogging Fox, Helderberg, Lourensford
Photo by Shan R Photography

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20

What Makes You Happy:

Happiness is a very “deep” topic to delve into. What makes me happy? True meaningful happiness seems to allude me most of the time. Fleeting moments of “happy” are the happiness I grasp at.

I find joy in life’s simple pleasures, the beauty of nature, a new day, an insect I’ve not yet seen, bird encounters, a mesmerizing sunset, the sound of raindrops on a tin roof, the smell of petricor, the choir of stream frogs when they know the rain is coming…


Small gestures, a love note, a chocolate left for me in a place where it would surprise me. A kiss good night, a kiss in the morning. Playing my favourite song twice in a row, just because. A cup of coffee when I need it most… hugs, lots of hugs. (Mr. Fox, I’m talking about you here)

Giving handmade gifts to people I care about. Hoping they can feel the love I poured into every stitch and all the time spent working on a project, thinking about how they will use it, wear it, enjoy it. Their reactions to my handmade gifts of love… that makes me very happy.

Being loved and respected by family and friends makes me oh so happy, having someone who cares about me… Chloe, our Boston Terrier, she makes me very happy! She cuddles me when I’m sad and gives me kisses anytime all the time.


In the end, if we sit and think about it, we can come up with sooooo much more that makes us happy. Even though on days it feels like we have got nothing to be happy about. Maybe it is a good idea to start keeping a Happiness journal, a place to keep all our Happy Thoughts that we may revisit them on those dark and lonely days. What do you think?

Until we meet again.

Ps. What makes you happy? Share your thoughts on this with us in the comments below and remember to check out the original challenge here.