The Frogging Fox, what’s in a name?

The Frogging Fox, blog name30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1

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The explanation of my nickname can be found on my About a Fox page. As for the frogging part…

I went through a stage where I used to do a lot of *frogging. Wanting to re-use, reduce and recycle, I bought knitted or crochet items at my local charity shops. Every item would be carefully chosen according to type of yarn or if I needed a certain colour to complete a project at the time. Every item I bought, was thoroughly washed and dried and then I would start the painstaking process of *frogging. All the yarn was rolled into quick balls as I frogged, to be properly wound later with my yarn winder.

I don’t quite have the time to do much charity shopping these days, let a lone spend hours even days frogging old items to make new ones. I have decided to spend my time on starting to write down my crochet designs for you all. I design many projects as I go and just never document what I did in the process. This takes even more of my time than I could ever have thought, but it is definitely worth it. After all, it’s way better to be able to share a pattern than to sit deconstructing someone else’s work. I must say, I certainly learned a lot about yarn and yarn construction through frogging numerous crochet and knit works. Nowadays I only frog when it is truly necessary to fix a mistake or when designing, to get the effect I needed.

One day I was thinking about a business name for my Ravelry and Spoonflower accounts combined, it just dawned on me. I’m the Fox and I frog all day… thus The Frogging Fox was established. It took me such a long time to realize that this is what I had to call my new blog/website.

Frogging, yarn


What is frogging, You might ask? Well that’s kind of a funny story. 



  • the act of unraveling a piece of knit/crochet work
  • the action of such unraveling causes a ripping sound, thus when one rips each row, it would be said: “rip it! rip it!”
  • as the action is rapidly repeated fit takes on the sound a frog makes: “ribbit, ribbit”
…and that is why it is called frogging.
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Untill we meet again.
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